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Science Legislation

Science Legislation

IN Basic Sciences and Engineering Division, Education, Global Education Priorities, Natural Sciences, Science Policy
Programme Director:
Dr. Jaro Arero
January 3, 2018
About the Programme

In January 2003 UNESCO organized an international roundtable on Science Technology and Innovation Policy: The Parliamentary Perspective, in tandem with the Parliament of Finland and ISESCO.

The Forum adopted a declaration. Among other things it recommended the establishment of regional science policy fora, the role of which would be to facilitate an exchange of know-how in science, technology and innovation policy-making, science legislation and ethics; to strengthen partnerships between legislators, scientists, the media, civil society, and public and private sectors in developing national innovation systems; to support capacity-building by science parliamentary committees in emerging democracies, making use of best practices learned from the national and regional experiences of organizations such as the Committee for the Future and the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA).

The first forum was the Arab Science and Technology Policy Forum, held in Cairo (Egypt) in December 2004. There followed the South Asian Forum in Chandigarh (India) in March 2005; the Latin American Forum, in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in March 2005; and the Western Asian Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Forum, in Tehran (Iran) in February 2006.

In June 2006, the Director General of UNESCO launched the Nigerian parliamentarian S&T Forum in Abuja. More recently, sub-regional fora have taken place in Brazzaville (Congo) in 2008 in Mombasa (Kenya) in 2009, in New Delhi (India) in 2010 and in Paris (France) in 2010. The African Inter-Parliamentary Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation was launched in May 2011.