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Kenya National Commision for UNESCOKenya National Commision for UNESCOKenya National Commision for UNESCO



The Associated Schools Project network (ASPnet) was founded in 1953 and is a global network with more the 10,000 educational institutions in 181 Countries. Member institutions range from preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, vocational training institutions and teacher training institutions. All these institutions work in support of four themes: intercultural understanding, peace and human rights, intercultural dialogue, education for sustainable development and United Nations priorities. ASPnet institutions are expected to rise to the challenge of entering into contact with each other, transcending borders, continents, culture and languages. The activities also focus on local situations and advocating for “unity in diversity”. National Commissions for UNESCO disseminate information on good practices so that other schools in the country can borrow a leaf and carry out similar activities. ASPnet schools serve as model schools to implement new policies in education, pilot test new topics and innovative educational materials and approaches.

They also serve as laboratories for developing, experimenting and validating innovative educational materials. Tested materials can then be better adapted to the requirements of schools in different regions.

KNATCOM carries out induction capacity building workshops for Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) Patrons to share historical the background of ASPmnet; equip them with skills, knowledge and attitude empowering them to manage ASPnet Institutions; assist patrons identify appropriate activities and flagship projects for their schools; and create networking platforms for the them. Some of the ASPnet member schools have taken part in various competitions with other ASPnet institutions around the world and also represented Kenya during various international conferences such as: UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) 2014 in Okayama, Japan; “COP 22”, the United Nations (UN) Climate Change Conference 2016 in Marrakesh, Morocco; and the International Symposium on School Violence and Bullying, 2017 in the Republic of Korea, Seoul.

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