Chief Supplies Officer

Function of the Supplies services
This Division exists to perform the following functions: development of procurement policies, strategies and plans; procurement planning and budgeting; controlling purchasing budgets; managing products specifications; management of vendors and suppliers; acquisition of goods and services; inventory custody and management; negotiation and contract management; market research and analysis; management of assets disposal; ensuring regulatory compliance and procurement reporting.

Deputy Director, Basic Education and Learning

Function of the Basic Education and Learning Division
The Division exists to achieve a dual function of ensuring Kenya is well represented in UNESCO and that UNESCO’s presence is visible in Kenya. Specifically, work in the Division entails: participation in UNESCO Basic Education and Learning international meetings and processes; contribution to UNESCO Basic Education and Learning activities; provision of expert advice to government on UNESCO Basic Education and Learning matters; co-ordination of ratification of UNESCO Basic Education and Learning related conventions and protocols; formulation, implementation and evaluation of UNESCO Basic Education and Learning activities in Kenya; promotion of UNESCO Partnerships & collaborations in Basic Education and Learning ; mobilization of resources for UNESCO Basic Education and Learning activities; capacity building on UNESCO’s Basic Education and Learning agenda; dissemination and creation of awareness on UNESCO Basic Education and Learning activities; collaborating with UNESCO and other UN agencies on Basic Education and Learning issues; and nomination of candidates for UNESCO Basic Education and Learning prizes, awards, fellowships, scholarships, study grants and posts.
The Division shall form part of the secretariat to the Education Programme and Expert Committee.

Director, Research and Development

Function of the Research and Development Department
This department exists to perform the following functions: development of research policies, strategies and plans; assist in design of research methodologies; development and management of research systems and instruments; undertake researches; analysis of research data and reporting; capacity building on research techniques; and promoting innovations and resource mobilization activities.

Deputy Secretary General, Technical Programmes

Function of the Technical Programmes

Directorate The Directorate of Technical Programmes is a consolidation of the five technical programmes of the Commission. These include: Education Programme, Natural Science Programme, Social and Human Sciences Programme, Culture Programme and Communication and Information Programme.

The Office of the Deputy Secretary General exists to coordinate all the above technical programmes. Specifically, it ensures overall coordination of the following functions: UNESCO meetings and events; programmes and activities implementation; management of information and innovations; ratification of UNESCO conventions and protocols; domestication of international practices; partnerships & collaborations; international resource mobilization; capacity building; joint ventures with other UN agencies; nomination of candidates for UNESCO prizes, awards, fellowships; study grants and international posts; and provision of expert advisory services to government and UNESCO.

Legal Officer

Function of the Legal Division
This Department exists to perform the following functions: legal policy development; analysis of legal instruments; legal documentation preparation and drafting; Providing legal advice and guidance; representation of the Commission in legal proceedings; Prosecution of cases in courts and litigation management.

Manager, Financial Services

This Department exists to provide leadership on the financial management, accounting and reporting by shaping overall strategy and direction, and instilling a financial approach and mind set throughout the Commission for transparent and accountable process in order to provide better performance and services to KNATCOM –UNESCO staff and stakeholders.